J.Vance Miller

The following paintings reside in private collections. The purpose of this site is to continue to give life to the artistry of
J. Vance Miller.
If you have a painting and would like to share it's beauty with others, please send a a quality photograph and we will up load the image to this page.
We will keep all information confidential.
Thank you and please enjoy the Art Work!

Spring in the Mountains 30 x 40
"Spring in the Mountains"
Size 30" x 40"

Winter 30 x 40
"Gently Falling Snow"
Size 30" x 40"

Spring Day 30 x 40
"Mother and Child"
Size 30" x 40"

Ducks on the Water 24 x 30
"Ducks on Indian Creek"
Size 24" x 30"

Cows on the Path 22 x 28
"Cattle on Road by New River"
Size 22" x 28"

Late-Evening-on-a-Mt-Stream 22 x 28
Size 22" x 28"

Little-Stoney-Glow 22 x 28
Size 22" x 28"

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